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August 2017 - October 2019

Washington iGEM Team Wiki

One of the requirements of the iGEM competition is to create a website about the project each year. I have started on the team as a hardware person that barely knew HTML and CSS, and slowly learned the ropes. Once I learned about front end frameworks, I wanted to use those on my webpages, and I built a process that allows my team to do so.

In the past, I engineered a solution to use a bundled ReactJS application embedded within the iGEM's MediaWiki framework, where one has to type code into a text box to submit a page. I worked alone, but saw a need to expand the team as I neared graduation.

I took on the role of lead web developer and lead a team of six skilled developers to rebuild the code to be scaled to future generations along with exploring new technologies. I modeled the management of the team after my experience interning at Qualtrics. I worked on documenting all existing processes and code architecture.

We faced many engineering challenges and have created so much, such as an internal content management system, live edit feature, different editor widgets with scalable code, CLI tool for automating updating website code and mass image uploading, cohesive design guidelines, and performant sidebar navigation.

Tools used: Agile, Enzyme, Jest, NextJS, Puppeteer, React, SOLID Principles, TypeScript