FRC Scouting App

A robotics competition scouting app

March 2018

FRC Scouting App

During spring break, I headed back home to Hawaii. The FIRST Robotics Competition Hawaii Regional was going on during my stay. I wanted to put the skills I learned in the classroom to use, and incorporate some data analysis to better the community I used to be a part of.

A day before the competition, I slapped together a scouting app that would be internal to my old team. They collected data that would later be input to the app. This app allowed them to use live updating data during their alliance selection to pick the best, most compatible team.

After the competition, the data was released to the Hawaii Robotics community so teams could better understand their performance going into the world championship. The application was programmed using NodeJS, JavaScript, and the React Framework.

Tools used: Firebase, Lodash, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, React Router