Hi, I'm William. If you're starting to follow me from my crypto adventures on twitter, then welcome! My goal is to educate you on investing with crypto, as well as finding great projects.

One thing I want to highlight to people looking to yolo in the cryptocurrency ape space is to yolo safely and only put in what you can afford to lose entirely to a rug pull. Educate yourself, and don't keep falling to rugs! Have a risk tolerance and really examine beforehand!

In my time trading in crypto vs stocks, crypto has by far allowed me to make huge multiplication on my initial investment. However, the ability to consistently find great projects comes with research and understanding about the underlying technology for an informed decision.

As a retail investor in this space, you need to take advantage of all the tools and information to make active critical thinking decisions. This includes decisions for useless coins as well. Take time to build a bull case for a token, as well as examine bear cases.

Just because some BNB or ETH coins are garbage doesn't mean there is not a play there. Caution with these! You may lose when first starting out, but keep learning and testing the waters with small amounts first. Gains scale quickly if you find a gem early.

Just like the stock market, you're up against some pretty big players, so make sure you've done the research to make your best attempts at beating them. I promise you that it is possible to legitimately find great projects if you aren't a large influencer.

As for me, when I post, I want to share important and relevant information for coins that I see having potential for more gains. This includes both legitimate projects and tokens with no complex utility. I intend to scale back on bad projects as my followerbase grows, though.

In the future, I intend to teach more advanced techniques for giving yourself an edge when hunting down these gems.

I want these values to remain true no matter how many followers I have, and I want to establish this early on.